According to the SMH: Five reasons the China ‘currency crisis’ is a beat-up

1. Compared with a real crisis, it doesn’t rate;

2. The yuan was overvalued, and still is;

3. Allowing the yuan to trade more freely is the right thing to do;

4. China has considered the West with its timing;

5. A lower yuan is not all bad news for the Wes.

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Yuan devaluation won’t stop Chinese investments in Australian property

The unexpected devaluatation of the Chinese currency this week could drive an increase in the amount of money being invested in Australian property, industry experts believe.

While global markets recoiled in shock from the move by the People’s Bank of China on Tuesday, property experts said that contrary to some forecasts the move would work in Australia’s favour…..Full Article.

China’s currency devaluation continues to impact economies around the world including Australia. While the country’s struggling share market dipped even further.Some economists say the lower yuan will help boost some sectors of the Aussie economy.

China yuan devaluation may be good for miners says IG Group’s Mahony

Joshua Mahony, market analyst at IG Group, suggests the mining sector could be a long-term beneficiary of a weaker yuan.
China’s devaluation of the yuan this was bad news for mining stock, as it exacerbated worries about the country’s future demand for raw materials, but the analyst has a different view.

Global implications of recent activity surrounding the falling Chinese Yuan.

China, the Yuan, and potential outcomes.

China on Tuesday devalued its currency in a way that left it 1.9% weaker versus the U.S. dollar. The move will likely have a ripple effect through financial markets as well as in politics, as China is the world’s largest trader and the yuan is increasingly used overseas. – WSJ

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